Meet The Team

Dr. Mark W. Tong | Founder

Dr. Mark W. Tong is the Founder of Unlocking the Mind. Mark is a renowned Counselor, Author, Self-Help Expert & Public Speaker. He holds a Doctorate in Natural Healing and a Master’s in Religious Studies.

Mark is widely known for his pioneering work with cancer patients and the chronically ill. Mark’s work and techniques were pivotal in his patients progress and success with their healing, recovery, and wellness.

Dr. Tong is in great demand for his teachings, counseling, workshops, and lectures.

Belinda Alonso | Certified Holistic Nutritionist/ Presenter

Belinda Alonso

Belinda has worked since 2011 at an alternative Cancer Clinic where she worked in the nutritional needs of Stage IV cancer patients making her one of the leading Cancer Care Nutritionist.

Author of the book Cancer Free Nutrition that is to be released in the fall of 2019. Belinda was featured in the acclaimed documentary, “You Can Kill Cancer” where she demonstrates the role that nutrition plays on wellness and healing. Click the video below to see her at the launch of Helping Veterans Heal, sponsored and supported by Unlocking The Mind.

Patrick J. Burns | Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Unlocking The Mind is a process to “Heal The Mind First” in healing and wellness, by identifying emotional events that one may experience and other ways of “seeing” the events to bring Peace. Often these “perspectives” are shared with family, friends and coworkers who may be dealing with an emotional event, bringing them to Peace. In this Peace, the body can heal and remain well.

Patrick is the General Manager of our “Healing Hotel”, Crystal Bay located in Saint Petersburg, Florida and coordinates all additional healing services, beyond our online services. Patrick joined us from the “substance abuse” industry as he found clients were getting further in the Unlocking The Mind program than months of traditional treatment.

Patrick is literally an “addiction expert” and we look forward to the launch of Unlocking The Mind’s Addiction Program in the Spring of 2020. Click HERE to hear his own experiences with Unlocking The Mind.

Dr. Jake Galles, Ph.D  | Psychologist, Holistic Counseling & Cancer Specialist

Dr. Jake Galles is a Doctorate Graduate in Psychology and studied under the direction of Dr. Mark W. Tong with Stage IV Cancer patients as a certified “Mind/Spirit Coach” from Healing International, LLC

David Herring | Content Production & Videographer

Dave has been filming Dr. Tong’s presentations and content for over one-decade and has produced over 250 videos for Dr. Tong and Unlocking The Mind.

Dave has taught video production at the Saint Petersburg College and produced video content for the corporate sector including Department of Defense Contractors.

Dana Krane, CSC | Relationship Repair / Developer Team

Dana is a “Relationship Repair”, counselor/coach and was a member of Unlocking The Mind’s, Development Team for our “Relationship Repair Program.”

Dr. Sandra J Lilo, DDS, NMD, IBDM  | Adviser, Product Development & Presenter

Sandra’s latest additions to credentials include Board Certification Doctorates in Integrative Medicine and Dentistry and Naturopathic Physician. She is also a personal adviser to Founder, Dr. Mark W. Tong.

Suzanne Marsh CSC | Relationship Coach / Presenter

Suzanne Marsh is a Relationship Coach and Presenter.

In 2017, after experiencing the Unlocking The Mind process she saw the immense value in bringing this to others. At that point, Suzanne made the decision to continue her training to become a Certified Coach, specializing in healing significant and family relationships.

As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she takes a holistic approach to wellness and emotional health.

John Meara | Senior Social Media Director

John maintains Unlocking The Mind’s Facebook sites such as Dr. Mark Tong’s Facebook page with over 135,000 fans, Prevent Cancer Today that can have a monthly reach of over 167,000 and 74,000 engagements and Helping Veterans Heal that reached 10 million in November 2018 for Veteran’s Day.

Daniel “Dan” Mykins | Senior Counselor & Presenter

Dan pioneered The Unlocking The Mind’s – 7 Life Lessons to be presented in a public school in Upstate New York, currently residing in Florida as he completes his Certified Cancer Coach training.

Ed Oakley | Adviser, Presenter & NY Times Best Selling Author

Author of the Best Selling, book Enlightened LeadershipandMaking Managers Into Leaders along with co-authoring Life’s New Game.

Founder of Enlightened Leadership Solutions(ELS), Ed has consulted both domestically and internationally with leaders from 67 countries over the last 30 years.

Sherri Pickard | Director of Sales | Content Distribution & Presenter

Sherri’s background as a Sales Trainer for Destination Travel Resorts and her personal interest in Holistic and Medical Tourism she coordinates the “special events” at Healing International’s, “Healing Resort”, Crystal Bay in Saint Petersburg, Florida with the needs of our corporate clients and partner

Allison Price “Starr” | Senior Web Design & Development, Editor &  SEO Specialist

Starr is our Senior Web / Graphic Designer & Developer. She handles all aspects of the Layout, Design, Development & Deployment of our numerous web sites and the Graphic Design for our online & print media graphic presentations.

Starr is the former CEO of a publishing corporation and a seasoned web developer & graphic designer of over 20 years.

Claire Thompson |Counselor, Presenter and Developer

Claire is a key member of the Unlocking The Mind Development Team and is a Certified Coach. Claire is spearheading the Unlocking The Mind, Child Development program and is a key presenter for the program.

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